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    Being charged with a Impaired Driving (DUI) or facing an Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP) in Sechelt can be an intimidating experience. The consequences can change the course of your life, affecting your driving privileges and especially your employment opportunities.

    It’s essential to understand your rights and the legal hurdles you’re facing. Sarah Leamon Law is here to guide you through every step. By working with a knowledgeable lawyer, you can address the complexities of the charges and aim for the most favourable outcome for your situation.

    Sarah Leamon Law has a well established track record in settling such cases. ​​ Depending on the nature and severity of the charges, you may be required to appear in court at the Provincial Courthouse at 5480 Shorncliffe Ave, Sechelt.

    What should I know about IRPs and DUIs in Sechelt?

    IRPs and DUIs look similar but have key differences in terms of what evidence the police would collect, the ability to contest the charges, and long-term records and limitations.

    What is a DUI?

    Impaired driving, sometimes called DUI, refers to operating a vehicle after consuming alcohol and/ or drugs. Conviction can lead to serious penalties, most notably a criminal record. It’s crucial to understand the weight of these charges and their potential impact on your future.

    What is an IRP?

    An IRP (immediate roadside prohibition) is a measure in BC for those caught to be driving while impaired. Here the outcomes are instant, like not being able to drive.

    The rules are strict. If you receive an IRP, it’s tough to argue against it. The police can gather evidence more easily than if it were a federal crime, and people don’t have as many rights or as much time to defend themselves against IRPs.

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    K.R., Google Review

    Lawyer Ratingz Review

    S.S., Google Review

    M., Google Review

    M.W., Google Review

    K.R., Google Review

    Lawyer Ratingz Review

    S.S., Google Review

    M., Google Review

    M.W., Google Review

    What are the consequences of an Immediate Roadside Prohibition?

    If you get an IRP, there are six major consequences:

    1. You may lose your driving rights for up to 90 days.
    2. You’ll face punitive measures.
    3. Your car could be impounded.
    4. ICBC, the provincial insurance body, might give you extra driving bans.
    5. You could be asked to attend re-education programs.
    6. An ‘ignition interlock’ device might be installed in your car, which checks if you’ve consumed alcohol before you drive.

    What other driving offences could Sarah Leamon Law help me with?

    Sarah Leamon Law has an excellent reputation for defending clients across BC contesting their driving charges. Some most common charges we fight are:

    • 90 Day Prohibition: Assisting clients who face a 90-day driving ban.
    • Dangerous Driving: Defending those accused of driving recklessly or in a manner that poses a threat to others.
    • Driving At or Over 0.05 BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration): Representing individuals charged with driving with a BAC of 0.05 or higher.
    • Driving at or Over 0.08 BAC: Advocating for clients who are accused of driving with a BAC of 0.08 or more.
    • Driving Prohibition Letter: Assisting clients who have received a letter indicating a driving prohibition.
    • Driving While Prohibited: Defending individuals who are charged with driving despite a prohibition.
    • Notice of Intent to Prohibit: Offering legal counsel to those who have received a notice indicating an intention to prohibit them from driving.
    • Violation Tickets: Representing clients who have received tickets for various driving violations.

    How can Sarah Leamon Law help my case?

    It can be overwhelming when one is confronted with DUI charges. But with the capable legal team by your side, addressing this challenge becomes clearer. Sarah Leamon Law is here to guide you every step of the way.

    Understanding Your Charge

    It’s essential to grasp the circumstances of your charge. Sarah Leamon Law will delve into the events leading up to your arrest and evaluate the legitimacy of the initial traffic stop.

    Breathalyzer Test Evaluation

    The maintenance and calibration of breathalyzer devices play a pivotal role in all IRP and DUI cases. Sarah Leamon Law will scrutinize the device’s accuracy and the administration of the test. Any lapse can raise questions about the test results.

    Asserting Your Rights

    Every individual has the right to timely legal counsel in Canada. If this right was overlooked pre-arrest or post-arrest, Sarah Leamon Law will champion for the charge’s reconsideration based on this oversight.

    Considering a Plea Bargain

    There are instances when entering into a plea might be the most favourable path. This approach with impaired driving entails admitting to a minor offence, which may lead to softer penalties. Due to the uncompromising nature of IRPs, lighter penalties are not an option.

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