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    In Canada you are legally able to get divorced from your spouse if you have been separated for one year. In British Columbia, you can only get divorced by getting an order from a Supreme Court Judge.

    This can be done by either by appearing in court in person, or submitting documents to the court registry, this is called a ‘desk order divorce’.

    However, before starting your own divorce application you should meet with a family lawyer as you may  be entitled to division of assets, spousal support, or have property claims. It is important that you know your rights before you get a divorce or you may lose that right after the divorce is granted.

    If you and your spouse have agreed on all outstanding issues, and all that is required is a divorce, the process is straightforward.

    At Sarah Leamon Law Group, we provide divorce filing for uncontested divorces at a flat rate fee.

    Please contact us to find out more about uncontested divorces.

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