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    Facing an assault charge can be a challenging experience, and professional legal guidance is critical to face such an issue. At Sarah Leamon Law in Vancouver, we are committed to serving those accused of assault with the highest level of legal representation. Our track record speaks volumes about our ability to secure favourable outcomes for our clients, both in and out of the courtroom.

    Understanding Assault in Vancouver

    In British Columbia, the law defines assault as an intentional act of force applied to another person without their consent, either directly or indirectly. The term ‘assault’ also extends to instances where a person attempts or threatens to use force, instilling a reasonable fear of harm in another person. This is specified under Section 265 of the Criminal Code of Canada.

    What to Expect if You’re Accused or Charged with Assault?

    Being accused or charged with assault can result in various outcomes. From a legal perspective, you could be arrested or issued a ‘promise to appear’ in court. The police will then investigate the incident, and if the Crown prosecution believes they have enough evidence, you will be formally charged with assault. At this point, you will need to strategize with your lawyer about how to respond to the charge.

    At Sarah Leamon Law, we understand that any accusation of this nature can cause stress and worry for you and your loved ones, potentially impacting your reputation and relationships within your community. You could face challenges at your workplace, educational institution, or other social settings where the accusation is known. It is for this reason we emphasize the importance of early legal intervention. Our lawyers can guide you through this challenging process, ensuring your rights are protected and helping you manage the potential social fallout.

    What Happens If I’m Convicted of Assault?

    If you’re found guilty of assault, the court will determine your sentence based on the specifics of your case, in line with the prevailing law. The penalty could range from probation and fines to jail time, and you might also be issued a restraining order.

    At Sarah Leamon Law, we know that a conviction carries more than just legal consequences. It can have a dramatic impact on your life , including leaving you with a criminal record that potential employers or landlords could access . This could significantly obstruct your ability to secure employment or find a suitable place to live. Moreover, your relationships with friends, family, and the community might change as they could perceive you differently following the conviction. Our team of dedicated lawyers are here to help you navigate these challenges and minimize the impact on your everyday life.

    Understanding the Different Types of Assault

    In British Columbia, the Criminal Code of Canada identifies four primary types of assault:

    • Simple Assault
    • Assault with a Weapon
    • Assault causing bodily harm
    • Aggravated Assault

    Our skilled team at Sarah Leamon Law is well-versed in the various assault classifications and the associated penalties, ranging from fines to significant jail time. We’re experienced in handling all types of assault charges, and we’re committed to using that experience to achieve the most favourable result for you.

    The Role of an Assault Lawyer in Vancouver

    An assault lawyer in Vancouver, like our dedicated team at Sarah Leamon Law, is a legal expert proficient in managing assault cases. We understand the laws, legal procedures, BC Court system, and police processes, all of which contribute to securing a positive outcome for our clients.

    When you are accused of assault, we can provide critical advice even before charges are filed. We guide you through interactions with law enforcement, ensuring your rights are protected and that you don’t unintentionally compromise your defence.

    If charges are filed, our team’s assistance becomes even more crucial. We explain the charges, the potential consequences, and your available options. We negotiate with the prosecution on your behalf, advocate for fair bail conditions, and work relentlessly to secure the best possible outcome, whether that entails reducing charges, negotiating a plea deal, or representing you vigorously at trial.

    Client Testimonials

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    Lawyer Ratingz Review

    S.S., Google Review

    M., Google Review

    M.W., Google Review

    K.R., Google Review

    Lawyer Ratingz Review

    S.S., Google Review

    M., Google Review

    M.W., Google Review

    Defending Your Case at Trial

    If your assault case proceeds to trial, our defence lawyers at Sarah Leamon Law have several strategies to defend your interests:

    Maintaining your innocence: Here, we strive to prove that you did not commit the alleged crime. This could involve bringing forward alibi witnesses, video evidence, or presenting other proof to show you were not involved in the incident.

    Demonstrating self-defence: If you were protecting yourself or others from harm, we could argue that your actions were in self-defence. We would show that you had a reasonable fear for your safety and only used force to prevent harm to yourself or someone else.

    Proving lack of intent: Assault requires intent to cause harm. Our lawyers could argue that you did not intend to cause harm, possibly because it was an accident or a misunderstanding. We would show that you did not realize your actions would cause harm.

    Pleading for lesser charges: Sometimes, it’s in your best interest to argue for a lesser charge if the evidence supports it. We may be able to show that the incident was a minor scuffle rather than a serious assault.

    Recommending alternative measures programs: Alternative measures are a course of action to resolve a case without a trial. These could include mediation, community service, or other restorative justice methods. If you have no prior criminal history and are willing to take responsibility for your actions, we would consider recommending this approach.

    Should You Represent Yourself in Court?

    While it might be tempting to represent yourself in court when facing an assault charge, situations such as these require a high level of legal experience. Our lawyers at Sarah Leamon Law understand the intricacies of assault laws, have experience with similar cases, and can use this knowledge to build a robust defence on your behalf.

    When should You Call an Assault Lawyer?

    We advise contacting our team at Sarah Leamon Law as soon as you become aware of an investigation or charge related to assault. The earlier our lawyers are involved, the more effectively we can manage the situation and guide you through the legal process.

    Choosing Your Vancouver Assault Lawyer

    Choosing a successful assault lawyer is a crucial decision, one that could be the difference between a conviction and acquittal. It’s essential to select a lawyer who makes you feel confident in their abilities to represent you. Sarah Leamon Law has a proven track record in handling assault cases, having defended clients accused of a wide range of criminal charges.

    Our approach to each case is unique, taking into account your specific circumstances and the facts surrounding the allegations. We’re transparent about our fees and working methods and are committed to achieving the most favourable outcome for you.

    The Cost of an Assault Defence Lawyer in Vancouver

    The cost of hiring an assault defence lawyer can vary significantly, depending on the complexity of the case, the lawyer’s experience, and the time required for preparation and court representation. While it’s challenging to provide a precise figure without knowing the specifics of the case, Sarah Leamon Law offers various payment plans to help make our services more accessible.

    Your Vancouver Criminal Lawyer – Sarah Leamon Law

    Choosing the most competent assault defence lawyer can make the difference between going home and going to prison. At Sarah Leamon Law, we treat each client with the respect they deserve, and we tirelessly advocate for their rights throughout all stages of the trial process.

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