Parenting Issues



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    Parenting Issues

    Two of the most central issues when it comes to parenting have to do with parenting time and parental responsibilities.

    Parenting time refers to access.  It translates into the amount of time each guardian spends with the child.  During each guardian’s parenting time, that guardian is responsible for the day-to-day care and decision making of the child.

    You and your ex-partner can come to any parenting time schedule that you wish.  However, the most important factor when determining parenting time is to consider what is in the best inerests of the child.

    Parental responsibilities refer to decisions that are made with respect to the upbringing of your child. 

    Some examples of parental responsibilities include: daily decisions about your child, who will care for your child when a parent is unavailable, who can receive information from others about your child, decisions about your child’s education, extracurricular activities, healthcare and other important issues.

    Upon separation, parental responsibilities can be shared in any way you choose.  However, you should always keep in mind the best interests of the child when making these decisions.

    If you have any concerns about parenting issues, like access or parental responsibility, you should speak with an experienced family lawyer.  The lawyers at Sarah Leamon Law Group are ready and able to assist you.  Call them today for a free consultation.

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