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    Neel Sareen


    Neel Sareen’s academic and professional journey showcases a strong commitment to the field of law, particularly in areas where societal structures intersect with legal systems. Born and raised in Surrey, her educational foundation was laid at Simon Fraser University, where she majored in Criminology and Sociology. This academic background provided her with a profound understanding of the complexities inherent in societal structures and their relationship with the legal framework.

    During her undergraduate years, Neel actively engaged with the legal system by volunteering as a Court Runner for the Vancouver Downtown Community Courts. This hands-on experience equipped her with an in-depth knowledge of court processes and management. This exposure fueled her enthusiasm for litigation work, especially within a court system designed to address the needs of offenders grappling with health and social issues such as drug addiction, mental illness, and poverty. In addition to technical skills, Neel also grasped the importance of discretion and prioritizing the best interests of clients. This understanding emphasized the significance of achieving equitable outcomes for those she represented. Her experience in the Vancouver Downtown Community Courts not only enriched her professional insight but also reinforced her dedication to serving the community.

    Venturing beyond her local roots, Neel took her legal education to an international level by pursuing a Juris Doctor at Griffith University in the Gold Coast, Australia. Her academic excellence was recognized through the receipt of an International Student Academic Excellence Scholarship.

    During her time at Griffith, she participated in the Bora Laskin Moot and demonstrated her legal prowess by winning the Client Interview competition presented by the Griffith Student Law Association. Furthermore, Neel showcased her leadership skills by assuming the role of President at the Griffith Canadian Law Students Association. In this capacity, she not only demonstrated leadership acumen but also fostered a sense of community among her peers. Her involvement in various extracurricular activities highlights her commitment not only to academic excellence but also to building a supportive and collaborative legal community.

    In summary, Neel Sareen’s journey reflects a fervent dedication to combining legal expertise with a genuine desire to serve communities in need. Her experiences both in Canada and abroad have undoubtedly shaped her into a well-rounded professional with a strong foundation in law and a passion for making a positive impact in the legal field.

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