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    For a young person accused of a crime, the legal landscape can seem like a maze filled with unexpected turns and dead ends. Parents, too, find themselves in a situation filled with anxiety, confusion, and concern for their child’s future.

    As complex as it may appear, understanding the legal system, specifically as they relate to youth offences, can illuminate the path towards the best possible outcome.

    This article aims to offer guidance and essential insights for young offenders and their families navigating this challenging journey.

    What is a Young Offender in Vancouver?

    A young offender in Vancouver (and the rest of Canada) refers to any individual aged between 12 and 17 who has been accused or convicted of a crime. This is a particularly critical age, a stage where their actions can significantly influence the course of their lives.

    What is the Youth Criminal Justice Act?

    The Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) stands as a crucial legal framework within the Canadian legal landscape. This federal statute dictates the course of criminal proceedings involving youth in Canada.

    Its primary goal is a delicate balancing act: to protect the legal rights of young individuals while simultaneously upholding public safety and holding these young individuals accountable for their actions.

    This act is rooted in the recognition that young persons who commit offences require guidance and assistance to correct their behavior.

    The YCJA thus provides them with additional rights and protections not available to adults, with an emphasis on rehabilitating and reintegrating them into society.

    Youth Crimes vs. Adult Crimes: The Key Differences

    Youth crimes, by virtue of the unique status of young offenders, typically carry less penalties than adult crimes. This policy stems from a fundamental societal commitment to rehabilitating young offenders rather than imposing punitive measures.

    In contrast, adult crimes are associated with more severe penalties, without the protections of the youth justice system . Recognizing these differences is essential, as it shapes the approach towards legal defence and helps families prepare for what lies ahead.

    Can My Child Under 12 Be Charged with a Youth Crime?

    According to Canadian law, a child under the age of 12 cannot be charged with a crime. The legal system works under the assumption that children of this age lack the necessary maturity to fully comprehend the consequences of their actions.

    Could My Child Be Tried as an Adult?

    While relatively uncommon, there are instances where a young offender could find themselves tried in adult court.

    This possibility is usually reserved for serious offences and remains at the discretion of a judge.

    The specifics of the crime committed, its severity, and the surrounding circumstances play a pivotal role in this decision.

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    How Can a Young Offender Defence Lawyer in Vancouver Help My Child?

    The expertise of a young offender lawyer can be invaluable in safeguarding your child’s rights and shaping the outcome of their case.

    A lawyer with extensive knowledge of the YCJA can guide your child through the complexities of the legal process, defending their rights and working to mitigate the potential consequences.

    Our lawyers at Sarah Leamon Law have a proven track record in successfully representing young offenders, leveraging their experience and expertise to navigate the complexities of youth offences.

    What Happens if My Child is Convicted of a Crime?

    The aftermath of a conviction for a youth crime can have long-lasting impacts on your child’s life. Depending on the nature of the offence, the consequences could range from mandatory community service and participation in rehabilitation programs to incarceration in the more severe cases.

    However, the ripple effects of a conviction go beyond the immediate penalties; it could significantly affect your child’s educational and professional opportunities in the future.

    How Would a Youth Defence Lawyer Defend My Child’s Case?

    In defending your child’s case, a youth defence lawyer can employ a variety of strategies, each tailored to the specifics of the case.

    These may include:

    • Questioning the validity of the evidence
    • Advocating for alternative measures programs
    • Ensuring that all of your child’s legal rights were upheld during the investigation and arrest process

    When Do I Need to Call a Defence Lawyer?

    The moment your child is accused of a crime, it becomes imperative to reach out to a defence lawyer. The initial stages of legal proceedings can often be crucial in determining the course of the case.

    Early legal intervention can have a significant influence on the trajectory of the investigation, potentially minimizing charges or penalties.

    How Do I Choose a Young Offender Lawyer?

    Choosing a young offender lawyer requires careful consideration.

    Key factors include:

    • Their track record in handling youth offences
    • Their commitment to individual attention to your child’s case
    • Transparency about fees.

    The right lawyer can make a significant difference in the course and outcome of your child’s case.

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