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    Your license, your freedom, your reputation. We’re here to protect them all, from IRP (Immediate Roadside Prohibition) & DUI (Driving Under the Influence) to a wide range of driving violations in Powell River.

    Why Choose Sarah Leamon Law in Powell River?

    Whether you’re facing charges such as IRP, impaired driving, or any other driving violation, you need a legal team that understands the law’s intricacies and prioritizes your best interests.

    At Sarah Leamon Law, we’ve built our reputation on providing top-tier defence for our clients in Powell River across various legal challenges. We represent our Powell River clients at the Provincial Court on 6953 Alberni Street.

    The Immediate Consequences of an IRP

    If you’ve been handed an IRP, you’re likely facing:

    • A driving prohibition that can range from 24 hours to 90 days.
    • Fines that can be hefty and strain your finances.
    • Potential vehicle impoundment, with associated storage fees.
    • The possibility of additional driving prohibitions by ICBC.
    • The requirement to attend specific programs or even install an “ignition interlock” device in your vehicle.

    Challenging an IRP in Powell River – Your Path to Justice

    Yes, an IRP can be challenged at the Powell River Provincial Court. But the window is brief. You have just 7 days to file your ‘Application for Review’ with ICBC. Any errors in this application can jeopardize your case.

    That’s where we come in.

    At Sarah Leamon Law, we:

    • Guide you through the application process, ensuring accuracy.
    • Identify potential defences tailored to your situation.
    • Determine the best approach for your hearing – be it oral or written.
    • Help you obtain your driver’s license and vehicle back, should your IRP review hearing be successful.

    Client Testimonials

    Read more reviews from past clients:
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    K.R., Google Review

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    S.S., Google Review

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    K.R., Google Review

    Lawyer Ratingz Review

    S.S., Google Review

    M., Google Review

    M.W., Google Review

    K.R., Google Review

    Lawyer Ratingz Review

    S.S., Google Review

    M., Google Review

    M.W., Google Review

    Traits of an Exceptional Lawyer in Powell River – Why Sarah Leamon Law Stands Out

    When facing any driving-related charge, you need a lawyer who is:

    • Experienced: Successfully defending clients against a wide range of driving violations at the Powell River Provincial Court, located at 6953 Alberni St.
    • Knowledgeable: From the nuances of IRP law to understanding various driving violations, we’ve got you covered.
    • Diligent: Every case is unique, and we ensure a tailored approach for each client.
    • Persuasive: Our team excels in presenting compelling arguments, whether oral or written.

    Driving Violations We Defend Against

    At Sarah Leamon Law, we offer defence services against a comprehensive range of driving violations, including:

    90 Day Prohibition:

    Facing a 90-day prohibition can be daunting. This prohibition is typically issued when a driver fails or refuses a breathalyzer test. At Sarah Leamon Law, we understand the gravity of such prohibitions and work diligently to challenge them, ensuring your rights are upheld.

    Dangerous Driving:

    Dangerous driving charges can arise from various situations, from excessive speeding to overtaking where it’s unsafe. Such charges can lead to severe penalties, including imprisonment. Our team is experienced in defending against these charges, ensuring you get a fair trial.

    Driving At or Over 0.05 BAC:

    Driving with a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of 0.05 or higher, though less than 0.08, can still lead to driving prohibitions and fines. We help clients understand their rights and navigate the legal complexities associated with such charges.

    Driving at or Over 0.08 BAC:

    Driving with a BAC of 0.08 or higher is a criminal offence and can lead to severe consequences, including a criminal record. Our team is adept at challenging such charges, from questioning the accuracy of breathalyzer tests to ensuring proper legal procedures were followed.

    Responding to a Driving Prohibition Letter:

    Receiving a driving prohibition letter can be distressing. Such letters often come from the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles and can be based on various reasons, from medical issues to multiple traffic violations. We assist clients in responding to these letters, ensuring their driving privileges are protected.

    Defending against Driving While Prohibited charges:

    Driving while prohibited is a serious offence and can lead to further prohibitions, fines, and even jail time. Our team is experienced in defending clients against these charges, ensuring they receive a fair defence.

    Addressing a Notice of Intent to Prohibit:

    A Notice of Intent to Prohibit is issued when there’s an intention to prohibit someone from driving. This can be due to accumulating too many penalty points or other reasons. We help clients address these notices, ensuring their rights are upheld.

    Contesting Violation Tickets:

    From speeding tickets to parking violations, we assist clients in contesting violation tickets. We understand that every ticket can impact your driving record and insurance premiums, and we work diligently to challenge unjust tickets.

    Your defence Begins Now

    Don’t let an IRP or any other driving offence dictate the course of your life. With Sarah Leamon Law by your side, you have a fighting chance to protect your rights, your license, and your future.

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