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    Facing Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP) or Impaired Driving (sometimes referred to as a DUI) charges can be stressful and is likely to have a significant impact on one’s freedom. It is vital that you select a legal team who has the track record in defending such cases .

    Sarah Leamon Law understands the importance of these cases and is sensitive as to how they can affect the lives of individuals. If you or someone you know is facing these charges in Kamloops, including an appearance at the Provincial Courthouse at 455 Columbia Street, our experienced lawyers are ready and able to provide guidance, ensuring a fair and just process. Trust in our team to stand by your side during this challenging time.

    What do I need to understand about IRPs compared to DUIs in Kamloops?

    While IRPs and DUIs may seem alike, they differ significantly in aspects like challenging the allegations, the evidence which the police must provide, and the records which appear in the police files.

    What is a DUI?

    DUI, formally known as impaired driving, involves driving a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Being found guilty can lead to severe consequences, including a criminal record. Recognizing the seriousness of these charges is essential for understanding their impact on your future.

    What is an IRP?

    In BC, an IRP (immediate roadside prohibition) is given to those who are detected driving under the influence. The consequences, such as the loss of driving privileges, are immediate.

    Challenging an IRP once issued is cumbersome. The evidence collection process for the police is simpler than for a federal crime, leaving individuals with fewer resources and limited time to challenge an IRP.

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    Lawyer Ratingz Review

    S.S., Google Review

    M., Google Review

    M.W., Google Review

    K.R., Google Review

    Lawyer Ratingz Review

    S.S., Google Review

    M., Google Review

    M.W., Google Review

    What are the consequences of an Immediate Roadside Prohibition?

    If you get an IRP, there are six major consequences:

    1. You may lose your driving rights for up to 90 days.
    2. You’ll face penalties and fines.
    3. Your car could be impounded.
    4. ICBC might give you extra driving bans.
    5. You could be asked to attend rehabilitation programs.
    6. An ‘ignition interlock’ device might be installed in your car, which checks if you’ve consumed alcohol before you drive.

    What other driving offences could Sarah Leamon Law help me with?

    Sarah Leamon Law has an excellent reputation for defending clients across BC contesting their driving charges. Some most common charges we fight are:

    • 90 Day Prohibition: Assisting clients who face a 90-day driving prohibition.
    • Dangerous Driving: Defending those accused of driving recklessly or in a manner that poses a threat to others.
    • Driving At or Over 0.05 BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration): Representing individuals charged with driving with a BAC of 0.05 or higher.
    • Driving at or Over 0.08 BAC: Advocating for clients who are accused of driving with a BAC of 0.08 or more.
    • Driving Prohibition Letter: Assisting clients who have received a letter indicating a driving prohibition.
    • Driving While Prohibited: Defending individuals who are charged with driving despite a prohibition.
    • Notice of Intent to Prohibit: Offering legal counsel to those who have received a notice indicating an intention to prohibit them from driving.
    • Violation Tickets: Representing clients who have received tickets for various driving violations.

    How can Sarah Leamon Law help my case?

    If you are facing DUI or IRP charges, knowing your rights is critical. At Sarah Leamon Law, we are here to guide and support you every step of the way.

    Challenging the Basis for the Stop

    If law enforcement did not have a valid reason to stop your vehicle, any evidence they obtained, including test results, could be challenged.

    Questioning Breathalyzer Accuracy

    The machine used to test your breath must be in perfect operational order. If it does not, or if the officer did not administer it correctly, the results might not be used against you.

    Asserting Right to a Lawyer

    Exercising your right to talk to a lawyer is one of your Charter Rights. If you did not get to do this after being arrested, we will stand up for you and challenge the charges.

    Considering a Plea Bargain

    In some situations, it might be best to agree to a lesser charge. This means you might face a reduced penalty. While softer penalties may be possible with a DUI, the penalty with an IRP does not allow for any flexibility.

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