Sarah Leamon Law Talks Radio - Episode 3

Welcome to Sarah Leamon Law Talks Radio!

In our third instalment, I explore the sex work in Canada and how its on-going criminalization continues to impact vulnerable members of our community. To help move the discussion along, I am joined by two intriguing guests, both with unique understandings about what it means to be a sex worker in this country.

My first guest is Carmen Shakti, who is a sex worker.  Carmen shares her experiences in the sex work industry and dispels many myths & stereotypes while doing so.

My second guest is Caroline Doerksen, a community educator from PACE Society.  Caroline dives into how criminalization impacts sex workers and discusses recent developments in international law that impact the sex work community.  Caroline offers suggestions for how to better address this issue in the future.

Follow the link to listen as we explore the politics, policies and laws around sex work.

Sarah Leamon