Hapin Lyu



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    Hapin Lyu B.A., M.Sc., J.D.


    Hapin [hä-pin] began her articles with Sarah Leamon Law Group in February 2022 under the supervision of Ms. Sarah Leamon. Prior to receiving her legal education, Hapin studied sociology and media studies at University of California, Berkeley and completed her master’s degree with distinction from London School of Economics and Political Science. Her background in social sciences and humanities fostered a profound understanding of how individuals’ actions are contextualized within their unique social circumstances and barriers. This understanding informs a non-judgmental stance with which she approaches client service. It also underlies her commitment to establish, repair, and rebuild meaningful social connections between individuals involved in legal matters.

    Hapin is both theoretical and practical-minded. She is critically aware of inadequacies in the current system and actively advocates for more effective means of rehabilitation through her practice.

    Hapin’s passion for criminal law developed through both legal education and her clinical experience at the Law Centre, a pro bono legal clinic that provides free legal services to clients living in poverty. She consistently demonstrates calmness and empathy, alongside decisiveness and professionalism in her work. Hapin’s sincereness, resiliency and commitment allow her to work successfully with clients from all backgrounds.

    Hapin was born and raised in China and is the first in her family to work and live outside the country. International relocations not only sharpened her perception and judgement of legal issues across sociocultural contexts, but also deepened her appreciation for shared human experience. She is fluent in Mandarin Chinese. She loves cinema, literature, cooking and oil painting.

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