Unbundled Legal Services



Family lawyer Jacqueline Shorter is part of the BC Family Law Unbundling Roster. Jacqueline believes in affordable services that are tailored to meet each of her family law client’s individual needs. 

With unbundled family law services, you can hire a legal professional to handle part of your problem instead of retaining them to represent you for your entire family law case. This allows for greater flexibility and focused representation, without the costly legal fees!

Our dedicated family lawyers will work with you to figure out which parts of your legal problem to best assist you with and which parts you can handle yourself.

What are the benefits in choosing unbundled family law services?

  • Affordable legal services at a budget pre – agreed on between yourself and your lawyer

  • Personalised support from a lawyer on specific tasks that you require help with, when you want it

  • You remain in control of handling your legal problem while still benefitting from having assistance from a lawyer

What are some of the legal tasks that I can get help with?

  • Legal advice and opinions

  • Initial consultations

  • Drafting court documents

  • Preparing for court and advice on courtroom procedures

  • Representation at hearings or trials

  • Legal coaching through your family law file