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B.C.'s Answers to Some Big Cannabis Questions Leaves Much To Be Desired

Yesterday afternoon, the B.C. government made an announcement in relation to the use of recreational marijuana in our province.

We now have some more clarity around how the use, regulation and sale of the drug will look in B.C. will look once it becomes legal.  

And while the announcement answered some big questions, it also left a lot hanging in the balance.   

So let's get to it and break this announcement down into three topics - tenancy issues, drug-impaired driving and public use - in order to find out what it might mean for you.

You can also read the full article, as it appears in The Georgia Straight, here.

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Could You Face Legal Consequences for Sending a 'Sext' Message?

Sexting is defined as sending sexually explicit photographs or messages via mobile phone.  It seems trivial, and even trite, but could there be legal implications?

This week, on Roundhouse Radio, I sat down with Gene Valaitis to discuss the possible legal consequences of sexting - both for teens and adults.  

So before you press that 'send' button, make sure to listen to the full interview here.

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