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Aging Inmates are Creating New Challenges for Corrections Officials & Taxpayers

One of the biggest challenges facing our correctional service is the cost associated with caring for elderly prisoners. 

Aging inmates are more prone to experience chronic health problems. They are also much more likely to suffer from conditions that will affect their mobility. 

But it's not just inmates who are suffering as a result of inadequate housing structures and a distinct lack of sufficient care behind bars—taxpayers are suffering as well. This is particularly so due to the fact an aging inmate population is the most expensive demographic to incarcerate.  

Solutions, however, are not easy to come by...

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How Bill C-23 on Pre-Clearance Yields Too Much Power to U.S. Border Guards

Concerns about being interrogated, detained, or turned away at borders based on race, religion, ethnicity, or birthplace are only compounded by the fact that this law is being passed at a time when discriminatory practices at points of travel appear to be on the rise. 

This is particularly so given the volatile political environment south of our border. With President Donald Trump's discriminatory travel bans still working their way through U.S. courts, the rights of many travellers to cross the border hang precariously in the balance—and nothing is certain…

Except the passing of Bill C-23.

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Politics, TravelSarah Leamon
Bill C-23 May Have Major Implications for Canadian Travellers Hoping to Cross the Border

Bill C-23 has received Royal Assent...but many lawyers and human rights advocates are concerned.  

This bill broadens powers afforded to U.S. Border Guards, operating in pre-clearance travel areas throughout our country.  

What does this mean? And how is it likely to affect you?  

I sat down with Roundhouse Radio's Gene Valaitis to discuss the practical possibilities and the wide-ranging legal implications of this troubling bill.  

Listen to the full interview here.

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Trudeau's Apology to the LGBT Community is a Good Start...But We Still Have a Long Way To Go

Last week, Prime Minister Trudeau issued a public apology to Canada’s LGBT community. 

He specifically pointed to the criminalization of sexual orientation and acknowledged how it resulted in the unjust arrest, conviction, and imprisonment of LGBT Canadians. 

Although some feel the apology was superfluous, it was anything but. Our government’s official recognition of the institutional oppression of sexual minorities is long overdue.

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How Do Canada's Sex Work Laws Actually Impact Real Sex Workers?

In 2013, Canada's long-standing laws against sex work were struck down in the landmark case of R. v. Bedford.  Following that, the government rewrote the law to fill the void that was left.  Their decision was to criminalize the purchasers of sex, rather than the purveyors.  They said it was necessary.

But has it worked?  How helpful have these laws really been?

I sat down with Carmen, a sex worker, and Caroline, a front-line volunteer at PACE Society, a non-profit organization geared towards helping sex workers in Vancouver's Downtown East Side, to discuss.

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