Media Alert: Vancouver Criminal Lawyer Sarah Leamon in the News

Over the last week, Vancouver Criminal Lawyer Sarah Leamon has appeared on various news outlets discussing the fact that zero criminal impaired driving charges have been laid in the provinces of British Columbia since legalization.

You can check out her appearances at the following links:

Chek News: “Victoria-area Driver Escapes Drug Impaired Driving Penalty after Flicking Lit Joint from Car Window

Global News: “No B.C. Driver Has Been Charged with Cannabis Impairment Since Legalization”

Global News: “Canadas New Drug-Impaired Driving Laws used Mostly in Small Towns…or Not At All”

MSN News: “No Pot-Impaired Driving Charge in B.C.”

CFAX 1070 Radio: “There Has Not Been One Person Charged in BC with Cannabis Impaired Driving Since It was Legalized”

The GrowthOp: “No Criminal Cannabis-Impaired Driving Charges since Legalization in B.C.?”

The Cannabis Life Network: “Why Has No B.C. Driver Been Charged with Cannabis Related Impaired Driving Offences?”

Sarah Leamon