New ICBC Insurance Changes Could Pack a Punch for People With Traffic Tickets

Starting Monday, June 10, 2019, a ticket could mean more than points on your licence or a hefty fine. Now, the ticket could hit you over and over again in the pocketbook when you pay for your car insurance.

With new changes announced by ICBC, driving convictions will now cost you more for your Collision and Extended Third Party Liability insurance. The tickets will target people with convictions for impaired driving, excessive speeding, and distracted driving. This will include Immediate Roadside Prohibitions, 24 Hour Prohibitions, and cell phone tickets.

Even small tickets could end up costing you big money in the long run.

The premium price hikes will begin, according to ICBC, after the second conviction for any violation that carries Driver Penalty Points. This includes infractions as simple or trivial-seeming as driving too slow in the left lane or not wearing your seatbelt. Any infraction that carries Driver Penalty Points will start to count against your insurance as soon as you have two convictions in the last three years. If the ticket is written with two or more charges on it, that ticket alone will begin to impact your premium prices.  

The new changes will apply to any violation that happened after June 10, and will stay on your drivers abstract, hitting your wallet, for three years.

This makes it all the more important that you fight your traffic tickets - what may seem like an annoyance or inconvenience now may end up being substantially more expensive down the road.

What’s more, the new changes particularly target individuals with convictions for impaired and distracted driving.

The strict penalties for using a cell phone or other electronic device while behind the wheel - four penalty points and a $368 ticket, in addition to the driver points penalty imposed by ICBC under the old regime - were already substantial. New changes to the insurance regime could run into the thousands of dollars.

 Much of the coverage in the news media has focused on the impact this will have on people with a major driving offence. These offences, however, might not seem so major - cell phone tickets in particular will start to cost you after your first conviction. ICBC estimates that 75% of drivers will see their insurance rates go down. By extension, this means that your chances of being negatively or neutrally impacted by this change are, by ICBC’s own estimate, as high as 1 in 4.

Those are worse odds than a roll of the dice.

Legal representation is your best chance at beating your traffic charges.

The team at Sarah Leamon Law Group has years of experience and hundreds of cases behind us. We can help you secure the best deal possible. For serious convictions, this could make the difference between losing your licence or not.

Our team is well versed in Motor Vehicle Act and Motor Vehicle Regulations specifics that could keep you on the road and your insurance rates down. After years of representing people with violation tickets, we know the ins and outs of traffic court. We are ready to draw upon our depth of knowledge of the process, the people, and the technicalities of the law that make up B.C.’s complicated driving law regime to secure for you the best possible outcome.

Legal representation will help you negotiate with the prosecution, and avoid the hefty penalties that come under this new insurance pricing regime. We’re ready to help.

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