Sarah Leamon Law Talks Radio - Episode 5

On this episode, criminal defence lawyer Sarah Leamon is joined by two guests to discuss the a wide range of topics concerning cannabis legalization.

The first guest, Zia, has just entered the cannabis industry and is hoping to make a career for herself in it. She talks about her aspirations for the future and some of her concerns moving forward.

The second guest, Clara, is an Australian citizen who is living and working in Canada. Clara is well established in the cannabis industry. She talks about her experience working with cannabis thus far, and what its like to be a woman in weed. She also touches on international perspectives on cannabis and provides some insight about what will be needed in order for the cannabis industry to succeed in Canada.

The conversation touches on a wide variety of topics this month - from feminism to board patrol and everything in between. So tune in...and you just might learn a thing or two!

Thanks for listening!

Sarah Leamon