Sarah Leamon Law Talks Radio - Episode 2

Welcome to Sarah Leamon Law Talks Radio!

In our second instalment of Law Talks Radio, I explore the topic of cannabis legalization in Canada with a focus on British Columbia.  To help move the discussion along, I am joined by two fascinating guests from different sides of the cannabis spectrum.

My first guest is Tamu Stolbie, who is a new cannabis user.  Tamu will talk about how increased media attention and discussions around cannabis use and its legalization helped her break some long-held stereotypes around the drug and ultimately shaped her current views on it.

My second guest is Craig Ex, host of Expert Joints.  Craig is a cannabis expert, enthusiast and long-standing member of the cannabis community.  Craig shares his opinions about how our governments proposed regulations around cannabis may affect users - for both the positive and the negative.  

Follow the link to listen as we dive deep into the hazey politics, policies and laws around cannabis.

Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening!