Sarah Leamon is a criminal defense lawyer practicing in British Columbia and Alberta. Sarah is highly knowledgeable in both criminal and administrative law. Although her practice focuses on impaired driving, she accepts a wide range of cases, ranging from assault and shoplifting to driving prohibitions and provincial violation tickets. Sarah has particular knowledge of impaired driving and the 90-day Immediate Roadside Prohibition scheme. She has been defending IRP’s all across British Columbia since they were first introduced in September, 2010.

Sarah is certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing. Sarah has also received training as a Drug Recognition Expert.  Sarah has hands-on experience with the operation and use of the approved screening devices and approved instruments that are used to measure to measure blood alcohol concentration in British Columbia in Alberta. Sarah has appeared before the House of Commons Parliamentary Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights to provide expert legal testimony on proposed changes to the Criminal Code.  She has also appeared before the Senate, in Ottawa, in the same capacity.

With roots in both Fort McMurray and Vancouver, Sarah is a practicing lawyer in Alberta and British Columbia. She is a member of the Law Society of British Columbia and the Law Society of Alberta. She is also a member of the National Association of Criminal Defence Lawyers and the Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia.  

In addition to her work as a lawyer, Sarah is extremely active in her community. She is a regular contributor to both The Georgia Straight and The Huffington Post, where she writes about legal and political issues from a distinctly Canadian perspective. She is regularly sought out by the media and has appeared on CBC, CBC RADIO, Power and Politics, CTV News, Roundhouse Radio, and GlobalBC. She has been interviewed by publications across the country, including the Ottawa-based newspaper The Hill Times and the French-Canadian news outlet Sympatico.  

Sarah supports and has been key in establishing a number of important non-profit organizations.  She currently acts as Board Chair for PACE Society, which is a non-profit organization located in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side. In November, 2016, Sarah co-founded the The Coven Club, a non-profit that focuses on social equality and the empowerment of women and girls.  Sarah also founded the Women's Association of Criminal Lawyers British Columbia (WACL-BC), which is a peer-driven organization dedicated to the advancement of women in criminal law.  WACL-BC strives to create a supportive community for women who practice in the criminal bar, and in doing so, addresses the unique challenges that they face in this area of the law.

In addition to her Juris Doctor in Law, Sarah earned two Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of Calgary and a Masters Degree from UBC. She has a background in political science and gender relations. Her legal academic career focused on criminal law, miscarriages of justice and the application of the Charter of Rights. Sarah was awarded a First Place Award of Distinction for her academic work in advanced criminal procedure.

Sarah is tough-talking when she needs to be but is naturally empathetic, compassionate and kind. She is friendly and approaches her work from a collaborative perspective. Sarah has earned a reputation as a skilled lawyer, who is easy to work with and approaches hard situations from a collaborative perspective. She has the skills, knowledge and sensitivity to effectively advocate on your behalf while navigating you through your most difficult time.

If you have a criminal case or driving matter in BC or Alberta, call Vancouver Criminal Lawyer Sarah Leamon for a free consultation.



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